November blogging challenge – attitude of gratitude

“Our profession is one of the most rewarding on the planet but sometimes it can be hard to stay positive and enthusiastic with all the outside pressures. This month’s blog challenge is designed to focus on the exciting and rewarding aspects of what we do, and promote a little Attitude of Gratitude along the way.”

Prompt number 1
What are the best aspects of being a teacher?
Honestly, there are just so many aspects of being a teacher which make our job the best in the world. No one day is the same as the next; we get to make a difference on many levels, for so many children and we get to build friendships and relationships with some wonderful people. I love supporting children to be the best they can be, to believe in themselves and to see themselves as learners.

This year, I am working in Special Education. Everyday presents me with challenges and joys. I have learnt so much from the children and from the staff at this school and I know that my mainstream strategies have been effective with the children in this setting. Child first – disability second – has been my motto all year. I have expected the children to achieve and they have – albeit at varying levels of competency – but achieving none the less.

I come home every day with at least one story that makes me smile; at least one unexpected incident which caused my planning to take a detour; at least one incident which required me to think quickly, change tack and tailor my plans to suit the children. I came home on Friday, grinning from ear to ear, after one of my little firecrackers told me that I was his best teacher – because I made learning fun.

Despite the long hours; wet weather yard duties; not being able to remember if you have been to the loo that day or not; sometimes tedious meeting schedules; snatched lunches of dubious nutritious value; report writing; hours spent trawling pinterest and teachers pay teachers for amazing ideas; that indescribable fatigue after camp and all the other little joys which are distinctively peculiar to teaching – I wouldn’t change my career for all the money in the world.

Teaching is less a job, than a “heart thing”. “The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.” (Alexandra Trenfor)

One thought on “November blogging challenge – attitude of gratitude

  1. Greetings from Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA! I found your blog through the November Blogging Challenge.

    I loved what you said about child first, disability second. As teachers, we are “fixers” so we tend to look for the problems first to determine what we need to do to fix it. We can’t forget that our students are a child first — fixing the problems can come later. Thank you for the reminder!


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