November blogging challenge – prompt number 3

What are you most proud of to date, in your teaching career?

I think I am most proud of the way I can build relationships with the children in my classes. I am able to get the children to see themselves as learners and that is particularly evident this year, in my first year in Special Education. Most of the children in my class, came to me with no expectations of being able to learn. They had met failure on so many levels, for so many years, that believing they could learn to read or do “hard” maths, was not in their thought processes or behaviours. Just today, I completed some end of year testing with my students. One non reader, had 7 high frequency words in February. He tested out today, at 22. He has also improved by 2 reading levels and has a completely different attitude towards himself and the possibilities that lie ahead for him. His dad told me that his son often stands beside him when he reads the paper, and says “dad, I know that word”. That makes me really proud.

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