November blogging challenge prompt number 4

What was the nicest gift you received from student, parent or colleague”
Without a doubt, the nicest gift I ever received was from my friends and colleagues, when I left one of my last schools. I didn’t want a fuss – it was a very emotional time for me leaving – so they took me to the Port Fairy Day Spa and shouted me a pedicure. A group of 6 of my closest friends, had a pedicure all together, with a glass of wine and loads of talking, which we followed up with lunch at one of the many lovely restaurants in Port Fairy.
port fairy

2 thoughts on “November blogging challenge prompt number 4

  1. Hi Marg! Lovely to have you with us for the challenge! What a lovely gift – something you’ll value and remember forever. Looking forward to your next post.

    Justine 🙂

  2. Thanks Justine – the prompts are very thought provoking and have helped me to look at the work I do and to appreciate the opportunities I am afforded on a daily basis. Hopefully I can complete each of the daily prompts this time 🙂

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