November blogging challenge – Prompt number 5

What are your strengths? What are you most grateful for?

I have a passion and skill for literacy and my strength is in passing this onto my students. I am really grateful for the opportunity to light the fire, pass on skills, give voice to students who previously considered themselves unable to write or express themselves. In particular, I taught a difficult group of year 8’s at a country school, mostly boys, who thought writing was for the fairies. I introduced Writer’s Notebooks into our weekly routine and then shared a multitude of writing strategies which were engaging and fun. We had a bumpy start to the year and ended up with some switched on, enthusiastic students who told me that they LOVED writing. They actually didn’t have to tell me, because it was really obvious in the quality of work they were producing as well as their focus in class. I am really grateful to be able to share my passion with students, which in turn, gives me the greatest joy. 🙂

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