How to create an environmental disaster

This presentation has been created, inspired by the ideas of Corbett Harrison – Life is a Cook book. I asked the students to think of a current issue, then write it up as a recipe. The above youtube clip, will explain what I mean. The students loved it. What I love about the idea, is that the students have to know the details about the issue, to be able to create the recipe, but creating a recipe, is way more fun than writing a traditional “report” of the issue.

No arms, no legs, no worries – awe inspiring video by Nick Vujicic

Nick has no arms and no legs but makes up for it with his “no worries”, “can do” attitude. This video inspires self love, acceptance of who you are – just as you are and dares you to be the best you can be. Watch it. I defy you to get through it, without a tear in the eye and a smile on your face.

It’s a Book!

I found this cute little thought provoking clip on Langwitches Blog On her blog, she lists a number of questions which weigh up the differences between a “real” book and a digital book. The writer of Langwitches blog, has also considered the differences on 2 other posts: So, what are books? and Commuting between Media.

Have you thought about the differences? Have you tried reading a digital book? Do you own a kindle? Are you an avid “real” book reader?

I haven’t read a digital book yet. I have listened to audio books but unless I am travelling while I listen, I tend to lose focus. My next challenge is to organise to read a digital book this week! I’ll bring you my thoughts after that.

Making a difference

Wow, Mrs Gow brought this fabulous web 2.0 tool to my attention. It is called a Google Search Story. The challenge is to tell a story using 7 different google searches. You could give the students a start and an end point, and let them fill the gaps, to tell a story. Quite a challenge and LOADS of fun. Check out my story and then follow the links to create your own. I can’t wait to get my students to do this.

Ordinary People doing Extraordinary things – Dare to Achieve

The video below, is relevant to all our lives. Too often we think we can’t do anything or be anybody, because we are just ordinary people. The people in this video achieved extraordinary things in their lives, because they believed in themselves, had the courage to follow their dreams and ignore the “blockers” who told them it could never be done. At Hawkesdale P12, I hope that we can encourage the “ordinary” kids to become “extraordinary” human beings, who can look back on their school days and think fondly of the teachers who encouraged them to fly.