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Cyberspaced out

My Cyberspace journey continues…..

Just sat down on Friday night, computer, glass of wine
Thought that I had better tweak these wizz bang, blogs of mine,
Incurred a snag so jumped on skype, to try and sort it out
I skyped a geeky friend of mine, who has some IT clout.

Before I knew it, conversation jumped from two to three
Then quietly it evolved to four – a skyping victory.
Problem solved , a master stroke of peer collaboration
4 excited bloggers sharing our exhilaration.

Worked out blogrolls, widgets and some troubling nuisance links
Ironed out several irksome and some quite perplexing kinks.
Worked out passwords; clustrmaps; embedding; using code
Looked at vokis, voicethread, tried to get in twitter mode.

Signed off feeling clever, felt inclined to brag and gloat
Until I checked my email and my a lump formed in my throat
Web 3.0 – you’re kidding! My thoughts are spinning round!
I think I’ll go to bed now; my head’s inclined to pound.

Marg Murnane May 17th 2008