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Adding flex and muscle to your blog

Someone else is developing muscle too - a baby major mitchell cockatoo

Someone else is developing muscle too - a baby major mitchell cockatoo

The third task for the advanced blogging challenge is this: to look at the “About Me” pages on other people’s blogs, and think about what features make them effective, informative and powerful. In other words, what gives your “About Me” page, some muscle or some grunt!

I am so grateful to Anne Mirtschin for selecting this challenge as it has forced me to take time to do two things. The first thing is, that I have made time for the most enjoyable task of browsing some excellent blogs and viewing their “About Me” pages. To locate some “good” blogs, I went to the 2010 Edublog Awards list.

The second thing is has allowed me to do, is to evaluate my own “About Me” page. It has allowed me to really think about what power it adds or doesn’t add to my blog, and think about the simple things I can do, to make a massive improvement. I think you would call that value adding.

The verdict is in. My own “About Me’ page needs some steroids. It lacks muscle. I have decided that my introduction needs to be warm, friendly, open, newsy and fun. Inspired by Britt Gow’s response to this challenge, I checked out Anne Mirtschin’s “About Me” page. I really didn’t need to look too much further, to find an excellent example of introducing yourself to the blogging world.

So, I have taken this opportunity to “spring clean” my own “About Me” page by adding some sparklee writing, a photo, a quick description and a glog. I’m working on the theory that a picture tells a thousand words. Nobody wants to plough through a long, tedious chunk of text – so hopefully my glog goes a long way to giving lots of information, without the dribble. Enjoy.

What makes an effective blog post?

Challenge 2 of the advanced blogging challenge is to link to an effective blog post, written by someone else, and to identify the characteristics which make it effective. I often locate effective blog posts through twitter. I am following some very techno savvy people and quite regularly, they will write a blog post, or tweet about someone else’s. The blog post I have chosen to link to for this challenge is titled Alphonso’s Dog It has been written by Anne DeManser, a teacher and Assistant Principal at Mortlake P12 College.

Why do I think that this blog post is effective?
1. I love everything Anne writes – so I know to expect an entertaining, practical post which is probably going to challenge conventions.
2. The title “Alphonso’s Dog” is catchy – it makes me want to read on
3. Anne gets quickly to the point after setting the context for this post
4. She immediately relates it to real life events so that the reader can also relate to it
5. The post is relevant to education today – I’m a teacher – I’m interested
6. The post doesn’t waffle on – Anne makes her point and ties it up.

What do I consider to be steps to an effective blog post?
1. A title which piques interest or indicates the topic
2. The writers voice can be heard throughout – original, personal and passionate
3. Not too wordy – and not too long
4. It contains relevant links to whatever you refer to
5. Somewhere within the post, there is a graphic or an image which goes some way to supporting the text

Alphonso's dog maybe?

Alphonso's dog maybe?

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