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Photo a week….

Well, after far too many months, I am striving to resume my Photo a week entry. This is a really powerful tool for getting students to write each week. The idea is that each week, the students choose a photo, postcard, newspaper article, movie ticket etc which means something to them, and they have to stick it into their photo a week journals, or on their blogs, and write at least 200 words about it. This not only becomes a sensational personal diary, it is also a sensational way to encourage students to write. The writing is richer and students actually enjoy doing it. So after way too long, here is my entry for the week ending Friday 13th August.

The glorious Charlesworth Bay at Coffs Harbour, NSW

The glorious Charlesworth Bay at Coffs Harbour, NSW

During the end of term holidays, we went to Coffs Harbour on the beautiful northern New South Wales (NSW) coast of Australia. This is Charlesworth Bay, playground to the many humpback whales who swim past and stop to play, on their way to and from the Antarctic waters. It is also a playground to the many dolphins who frolic on a daily basis, in this spot. This lovely outdoor spa was heated to 37degrees so even if the weather was cool, it was possible to enjoy the spa and the views. My 10 day holiday went very quickly and was a fabulous break away from the cold, South West Victorian winter.

A photo a week…

This is my first photo in the “photo a week” project which I have set up for my students. Each week the students are to take a photo, paste it into their writing journals and write something about it. They will then be able to post these on their own blogs.

Autumn leaves; gold, lime green, orange, brown, red and bronze
Drift down silently to cover;
the grass which is a lush green after a few reviving days of precious rain;
the garden paths – which now need sweeping;
the roof of the garden shed;
the trailer, the rake, the shovel;
and the garden with cheeky tips of autumn bulbs, pushing through for their turn in the autumn sun.
This coat of many colours is worn easily by the things in my garden.
Excitedly, like a child, I scuff my rubber boots through the thick coat of crunchy leaves as I make my way out to the garden shed in the crisp, dewy mornings, to feed my deer.
My face tingles in the chilly morning air and I walk a little faster.
My feet scuff, flick and drag through the newly fallen leaves as they celebrate the arrival of autumn in my backyard.

Marg Murnane 1st June 2008